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Supernatural occurrence Box + Dongle Key is one of a kind across the board answer for adjusting the wide scope of Chinese cell phones. One of a kind elements of Miracle Box, for example, IMEI fix without blazing, tremendous glimmer database and greatest scope of upheld CPU’s expedites this case first spot for administration Chinese telephones. Marvel Box permits to perform telephone blazing, portable opening methodology just as other programming fix tasks.

Wonder Box – Outstanding Features:

  • Fix IMEI without blazing
  • Immense blaze records file
  • Universes greatest CPU database
  • Backing for MTK 6252/6253 CPU
  • Backing for MSTAR/COOLSAND/RDA most recent CPUs and others
  • Auto fix IMEI
  • Auto stick discoverer include
  • Auto update highlight
  • Multilingual programming interface
  • Full rundown of upheld models and highlights on

Supernatural occurrence Box – Supported CPUs:

MediaTek MTK (First era:) MT6223, MT6225, MT6236, MT6236, MT6250, MT6252, MT6253, MT6255

MediaTek MTK (Second era:) MT6260, MT6261

MediaTek MTK (Third era:) MT6571, MT6572, MT6573, MT6575, MT6577, MT6580, MT6582, MT6583, MT6589, MT6592, MT6595, MT6732, MT6752, MT6753, MT6735, MT6735A, MT6735P, MT6735M, MT8127

SPD (First era:) SC6600D, SC6600M, SC6600R, SC6600H, SC6600L, SC6610, SC6620, SC6800, SC 6800/H, SC6800H, SC7715, SC8800D, SC8800H, SC8800G

SPD (Second era:) SC6500, SC6530, SC6531

SPD (Third era:) SC6815 (EMMC), SC6820, SC6825, SC8810, SC8825, SC 8830 (EMMC), SC7710, SC7715 (NAND), SC7715 (EMMC), SC7730, SC7731, SC8830 (EMMC)


MSTAR: Mstar 8528, Mstar 8530, Mstar 8532, Mstar 8532B, Mstar 8533, Mstar 8533C, Mstar 8533B, Mstar 8533D, Mstar 8533X, Mstar 8535, Mstar 8535B, Mstar 8535-II, Mstar 8535 X

Supernatural occurrence Box with Miracle Key Dongle – Package Content:

Miracle box – 1 pc.

– Miracle Key Dongle – 1 pc.

– 2-in-1 fundamental link – 1 pc.

– USB A-B link – 1pc.

– Set of JIGs – 4 pcs.:






Maker offer a half year of guarantee for this gear.

Extra data about this item:

Data concerning highlights of this apparatus :

The designer offers help just for those telephones which are on the rundown of upheld. Not all overhauling highlights can be connected to some upheld models, because of the contrast of equipment/programming adaptations. A complete rundown of upheld models you can discover on the official item page, or on the GSM gathering (GSMHosting).

Data concerning specialized requirements :

The right utilization of the bought merchandise is required to have a steady web association with min. limit of 1024 kb/s ( download) and 512 kb/s ( transfer) . Before you endeavour to make programming update on the gadget or need to initiate/use administration, ensure that you have adequate connection parameters.

Data concerning the interoperability of advanced substance:

For utilizing a product or a bit of programming that the maker supplies with acquired equipment, now and again it’s necessitated that you debilitate your Firewall ( in programming or switch) and antivirus programming. Leaving it empowered can happen improper activity of programming/administrations and you will get interchanges mistakes like “Blunder 10060”.

Data concerning equipment requirements:

For legitimate working with this gadget, maker proposes PC with 32-bit Windows XP working framework. We don’t ensure that product/gadget will work or some other framework – particularly 64-bit frameworks, iMac, Linux.

Data concerning IMEI change:

We need to advise that IMEI change alternative in virtual products are expected to utilize just to fix broken IMEI and recover it to a unique state. It’s prohibited to utilize this capacity to change IMEI to different that unique. Multi-COM doesn’t respond to any inquiries related with activity on IMEI number – in the event that you require help in this matter please contact with programming/gadget maker straightforwardly. We don’t assume any liability to utilize this capacity.

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